The Airsoft Redcoats vs Patriots

 Episode 7 is finally here and there has been some hype both sides of the Atlantic for this Episode, which I have appropriately dubbed the Redcoats vs the Patriots. Yes, that’s right, the eagerly anticipated UK vs USA game is finally coming to Dogtag Airsoft in the UK in May this year. I am […]

The Interview with Airsoft Operators Box

 Episode 6 is now live. This week I chat to Joe and Brett of Airsoft Operators Box Ltd about their fantastic subscription box which is now on offer. I personally am really excited about this product, and have actually ordered one myself to do an unboxing video at a later date to supplement this […]

An Interview w/ 1Legion Superfly

 This week I interview the one and only 1Legion_Superfly and get into the mind of one of the most positive influences on the Airsoft Community on Instagram. Join us as we discuss Airsoft in the US, the recent Third Coast Airsoft Op Bonestrike, all things 1 Legion and Supe’s visit to the UK… is […]

3 Reasons To Stop Measuring FPS!

One of the biggest issues at any event happens at the start of the day – The Chronograph. We turn up, shoot through a box and get told whether our weapon of plastic destruction is clear to use. 95% of sites do this by checking an FPS chart. What they’re looking at here is how fast […]