Player Choice Awards Final: HUGE (FREE) Airsoft Raffle

It’s the start of a new year and we’re at the final vote for 2018’s Popular Airsoft Player Choice Awards.

The Player Choice Awards is a 2 month process voted by the players, all of you. The initial stage was an open-vote, which upon closing has now been counted and placed into the final 4s.

For the next month, Player’s get to vote for their favourite finalist in each category and make them 2018’s Player Choice Award Winners.

Airsoft Nation has been nominated in two categories this year. I’m extremely appreciative of any votes to get this far, and any towards the finals. Thank you so much.

To top it all off, if you vote in the Popular Airsoft Awards you get entered into the FREE RAFFLE with guns and tactical gear up for grabs. More information at the bottom.

That said, here are the award categories, finalists along with my personal predictions for 2018s Awards.

You can vote in the Awards by clicking this LINK.

Best Airsoft Retailer for North America

Since 2011 there have only been 2 winners, Airsoft GI(2011-2012) and Evike(2013-2017). With Evike being Amercia’s powerhouse of Airsoft retailers, along with the launch of AirsoftCON, I’m confident in saying that Evike will win Best Airsoft Retailer for North America.

Winner Prediction: Evike

Best Airsoft Retailer for Europe

Gunfire is seen as the Evike of Europe and there’s no doubt in my mind that they will win 2018’s Popular Airsoft Awards for Best Airsoft Retailer for Europe.

While they had a rocky month during the transition into a new warehouse, they’ve since continued to offer a good service, at a more than reasonable price and with a good delivery time (often in line with UK retailers) .

To top it off, they’re active on YouTube, putting quality content about their products for players to learn about.

Winner Prediction: Gunfire

Best Airsoft Retailer for Asia

There’s trending theme in these categories, each winner by far monopolises their region and in Asia that’s Redwolf Airsoft.

A huge following on social media and youtube, Red Wolf have continued to drive airsoft forward across the world. 

One of the only retailers who legitimately have strong ‘influencers’ on their team with RedWolf TV, they will easily win 2018’s Airsoft Retailer for Asia.

If that alone doesn’t give you confidence, the fact they’ve won this award every year since 2011 should tell you that there’s only one finalist in this award.

Winner Prediction: RedWolf Airsoft

Best Gear Retailer for North America

The ‘Best Gear Awards’ categories are newer to Popular Airsoft Awards however both have been consistent on winners. I predict that Evike will definitely take home the W for North America.

Winner Prediction: Evike

Best Gear Retailer for Europe

For Europe, I believe Military1st will once again win this category.

They’re one of the biggest outdoor gear advertisers in the industry, putting sponsored posts on Social Media, YouTube and Google Adsense to ensure they pull in as many players as possible.

Plus, their website is so easy to use! I love filtering by camouflage! 

Winner Prediction: Military1st

Best Gear Retailer for Asia

eHobby Asia has been around for years and continues to grow by bringing in top quality brands. A

big Emerson retailer, they have 50% off right now! So definitely check them out.

Winner Prediction: eHobby Asia

Best Airsoft Magazine(Print or Digital)

This is the first category where I’m genuinely stuck between two entries for the award.

I consider this category one of the most heated and heavily debated, it is easily the ‘match of the day’ material of Award categories.

You have the classic Airsoft Action vs Airsoft International, both have won in the past (AI: 4, AA: 2) and in 2018 I’d say that Airsoft Action definitely took the lead between them but there’s a third competitor to the table…

The 020 magazine has picked up a lot of readers, put out some gorgeous, quality and perfectly balanced articles and is entirely FREE.

Perhaps they’ve done enough to win for the first time? I always love an underdog, so I’m going to vote 020 Magazine to win. 

Winner Prediction: 020 Magazine 

Best English Language Airsoft News Website

Thanks to the community members who voted for Airsoft Nation – I’m very humbled!

I think this one goes to Airsoft & Military News Blog for the third year in a row.

Previous winner Arnies Airsoft is still a ghost of it’s former glory and I can’t see any other finalist picking up the win.

Winner Prediction: Airsoft & Military News Blog 

Best Non-English Language Airsoft News Website

Being english I’m out of my depth for this award category, but given that WMASG has won 6 out of 8 years, I’m putting my theoretical money on them taking this year’s award.

Winner Prediction: WMASG

Best Airsoft Blog (Regardless of Language)

Hyperdouraku (Hyper Drama) is an awesome blog for the Asian airsoft players and they put together some of the best Tokyo Marui news.

So for this category I’ve got to give it to them for a second year running.

Winner Prediction: Hyperdouraku

Best Airsoft Community/Forum

Once again Airsoft Nation has been nominated, and I’m very thankful; but I personally voted for Airsoft Forums UK this year.

The admin team have done an awesome job and the community is always putting forward great conversations (well, on the most part)

Winner Prediction: Airsoft Forums UK

Best Airsoft Video Posted Online in 2018

This one is easy, I’ve said it time and time again. Red Wolf put together some of the best, most polished airsoft videos, especially their epic product trailers.

Although the Avatar leaves me with a less than favourable review (review coming out later this month), the video by Red Wolf TV featuring the Avatar was definitely first class. I only wish it was a full movie!

Winner Prediction: World’s 1st Smart Airsoft Grenade: Avatar (RWTV) 

Best Airsoft Event(Over 500 Players)

Is there any other nominees? Border War has taken this award since 2013 and I can’t see it losing that title anytime soon. Border Wars is simply is THE EVENT to attend each year.

Winner Prediction: Border War 10

Best Airsoft Podcast or Video Channel

Now I would love to see The Chairsofter Show win this year (go vote for him) but I think this year we will see one of the bigger channels due to superior audience numbers.

Winner Prediction: Airsoftology

Best Airsoft Upgrade/Parts Maker

There’s no denying all these parts are of high quality, I think LayLax will take the edge.

Winner Prediction: Laylax 

Best Airsoft KABOOM Maker

If Airsoft Innovations do not walk away with this award, I will call it a fix! The 40 Mike has been a talking point for the last 9 months and I have absolutely no doubt it will earn the award for them this year. Long live the 40Mike!

Winner Prediction: Airsoft Innovations 

Best HPA Airsoft Engine

I’m not a huge HPA user but given the popularity, I would guess that Wolverine Inferno wins this year’s award.

Winner Prediction: Wolverine Airsoft Infero Gen2

Best Airsoft Pistol

Finally, the Tokyo MaruiMK23 Socom has been recognised by the Players, it’s extremely overdue and this year I believe it will definitely hit #1 spot and take home the award.

Winner Prediction: Tokyo Marui MK23 Socom 

Best Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle

This is a difficult one, but due to popularity of the rifle, I believe it will be the TM M4A1 picked this year. While it’s not largely popular in the UK, it’s definitely powerhouse in Asia.

Winner Prediction: Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS

Best Airsoft Shotgun

While I love the APS CAM, I don’t think it will live up to the legendary reputation of the TM M870. All that’s to decide is whether the award will go to the Breacher, or the Tactical.

Winner Prediction: Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher 

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Honestly, I think the Silverback SRS deserves this win. In 2018 it’s by far been one of the best performing and selling rifles of the year.

That said, the SSG24 has been solid and the TM VSR10 is a regular recommended rifle, especially in countries with lower joule limits.

It’s a tough one.

Winner Prediction: Tokyo Marui VSR-10 

Best Airsoft AEG

It doesn’t matter what comes up here, this will be an instant win for the Tokyo Marui HK416 Delta. I only wish I had one!

Beyond that though, it’s been a fantastic year for the ARP9 and EVO, I just don’t think it will get as many votes.

Winner Prediction: Tokyo Marui HK416 Delta NGRS

Best Airsoft Manufacturer

I feel like this can only go to Tokyo Marui, the grandfather of Airsoft.

Winner Prediction: Tokyo Marui

Special Airsoft Player Award(Male)

Novritsch should clearly win this award in 2018, the largest Airsoft YouTube channel in the world, a player who inspired so many others to follow in his footsteps. 

I think in 2019 we will see other channels take the reign on YouTube and beat his subscriber count, mostly due his attention shifting to branded merchandise and airsoft equipment.

Love him or hate him, he’s definitely earned that award for several years – but until now, never taken the trophy.

Winner Prediction: Novritsch

Special Airsoft Player Award(Female)

The women’s award is quite a difficult one and for me, it’s split between 2 players.

Firstly, Unicorn Leah – clearly one of the biggest female influencers in Airsoft. But has she done enough through 2018?

Secondly, the underdog for sure – but someone who has put out some fantastic content through 2018 – Peanuts Airsoft. 

Winner Prediction: Unicorn Leah 

Player’s Choice Awards – HUGE Raffle

As stated at the top of the news, Popular Airsoft has a huge raffle which every player who votes gets entered into. There aren’t many raffles that offer such big prizes – so a big thanks towards all the sponsors of the event.

  • Tokyo Marui MTR16 Gas Blowback Rifle
  • Tokyo Marui Type 89 Gas Blowback Rifle
  • Tokyo Marui M&P9 Gas Pistol
  • Specna Arms SA-V26 Assault Rifle, Clawgear Bandana, 2x Patches
  • Specna Arms SA-CO9 Assault Rifle, Clawgear Bandana, 2x Patches
  • Blast Plate Carrier (Primal Gear), Clawgear Bandana, 2x Patches
  • Helikon Ratal MK2 Backpack
  • Pentagon Kyler Backpack

As I said, one of the biggest raffles of the year and it’s completely FREE to enter. Just make sure you use a valid email address.

Thanks again to all the supporters and sponsors of the awards

  • Tokyo Marui
  • Laylax, Military1st, ASG, Redwolf Airsoft, TAGinn Pro, Gunfire, Evike, Specna Arms, Landwarrior Airsoft
  • WGC Shop, Airsoft Junkiez
  • APS & Low Speed Gear

Vote on the 9th Airsoft Player Choice Awards – Closes 4th February

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