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The most frequent questions for writing on Airsoft Nation

Anyone can contribute to Airsoft Nation and we actively encourage fellow bloggers and individuals submit content which can promote their own blogs or companies sharing airsoft news.

However, businesses and representatives posting content that provides little value beyond promoting a company or selling a service disguised as a news post will not be accepted

All submited articles will be reviewed for quality control, in addition to the value that it provides to the Airsoft Community.

In addition to this, we may respond to the original author with editor suggestions to improve the readability.

  1. Helping Other Players
    Submiting content to Airsoft Nation helps players and the community as a whole. Why not share your knowledge with others?

  2. Increase Your Exposure
    Airsoft Nation aims to become the best place for the airsoft community for not only social features, but also news and information.

    By contributing to Airsoft Nation your content will be read by hundreds, if not thousands of players.

  3. Improve Connections
    Industry experts, manufacturers and well known airsoft brands are actively monitoring and reading Airsoft Nation.

    Writers will naturally build a reputation and name for themselves which could put you on these companies radar.

  4.  Reach More Players
    As an airsoft company, sharing your news on Airsoft Nation provides you the opportunity to reach more players, build brand authority and increase trust with the airsoft community.

Absolutely! Please use Airsoft Nation as a way to bring new readers and viewers to your own content.

While submitting an article, feel free to drop any links to your own channels or blogs, but the article must be focused on providing value to the airsoft community.

Clickbait articles that offer a brief introduction and  ‘read more on my website’ will not be approved.

Likewise, YouTube videos with no text accompanying it will not be approved. 

If you have any further questions or concerns, please use the form on the Contact page



We maintain a high level of quality and any posts are held to these standards, we reserve the right to not publish or strip unnatural links from any content submitted.

Before submitting an article, please consider the following:

  • – Airsoft Nation caters to players, new and experienced; therefore how-to guides, tutorials, reviews and airsoft news should be created for players to read and understand.
  • – All articles should contain to quality content, have photographs or videos and should be no less than 1000 words. It is not sufficient enough to post a YouTube link.

    – You should disclose any relationships if this news relates to a sponsor or affiliate.

  • – An article that is written which is irrelevant or simply for promotional links only will not be approved.

If you are looking to advertise your company please contact us directly.

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