Airsoft Under Threat! UKAPU Reacts to FPS Limits

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Did you know that our hobby is constantly under threat from politicians both in the UK and Europe?

In 2006 the Violent Crimes Act was created which essentially sets rules for retailers not to sell replica imitation firearms (RIFs / Airsoft Guns) without proof that the customer was a legitmate player. This rule has always been self-regulated which is why the UKARA and ATB was founded.

However, ammendments to the Police and Crimes Bill has sets a new precedent to rock the UK Airsoft scene. Please read below for more information provided by UKAPU, a non-profit organisation that provides a union for all airsoft players.

UKAPU, UKARA and ATB stand together
UKAPU, UKARA and ATB stand together

There has been an unprecedented attack on UK airsoft. Charles Henry John Benedict Crofton Chetwynd Chetwynd-Talbot, 22nd Earl of Shrewsbury, President of the Gun Trade Association, has tabled an amendment which aims to do away with the airsoft exception in the Policing and Crime Bill. That means we will not get our promised lethal threshold of 1.3J for full auto and 2.5J for semi auto/single shot, instead, we’ll be stuck with the 1J legal limit for airsoft, forever, across the whole of the UK.

This is a replication of the attack we faced earlier in the year from the Gun Control Network, working through Lynn Brown MP. This time, it has gone further and an amendment has been proposed. The Earl of Shrewsbury is a party whip who has vast power, influence, and wealth, who is quite capable of damaging our hobby by lumping us with a paltry 1J limit

(328fps with a .20g BB).

We have two things going for us; One is that we are in the right. The forensic evidence supports our position (as do the government). The other advantage we have is that there are tens of thousands of us and we have a very strong presence on social media. At the moment both UKAPU and UKARA are making enquiries and looking at strategy. Soon we will ask the community to get involved and spread the word. The community is just about all we have to fight with.

We are doing everything in our power and we are preparing a campaign, so please watch our page closely, get the word out and prepare to fight hard for the future of your hobby. Airsoft does not have the money or influence of the firearms trade. Grass roots lobbying from players is a proven and potent weapon, but this time, we are going to need an overwhelming and enthusiastic response from every single one of you.

Now is the time to stand together. Players, Sites and Retailers need to spread the word and unite as one voice to send a message to all the politicians who have any power with this amendment.

Please keep an eye on the UKAPU website for more information. But you will always find the latest information right here at Airsoft Naiton.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  1. Yes, it absolutely could of outlawed hpa that can in theory have a higher FPS at a turn of the regulator.

    However, the lord dropped this amendment after having many member of the community come together and send other House of Lords emails/letters expressing their concern and defending our hobby.

    So there is nothing to worry about, for now. UKAPU did a great job at spreading the message and having an easy to understand infographic.

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