Are Airsofters Playing To Hurt Another?

Have you noticed players intentionally going on the field to hurt each other? Whether it’s a bad day, or someone wants to get that clickbait for YouTube.

It’s the 27th May, welcome to Airsoft Radio , a weekly collaboration show where we talk about all things airsoft. Each week there will be a clash of topics, opinions and definitely personalities – but that’s the fun of 4 Airsofters on a talk show.

Today on the show we are going talk about players who intentionally go out on the field with the aim to hurt someone, whether through anger, or simply because they can. There was no one better to bring on this show than RandomGuyKev Airsoft.

The man behind ‘Airsoft with Friends’, Kevin promotes fun and enjoyment from airsoft, promoting airsoft to new players in his community.


  • Graham from Airsoft Nation (
  • Sarah AKA @Callsign_Tactiquinn
  • Jim AKA (@PlatoonJim)

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