Arthurian Airsoft Excalibur Review & GIVEAWAY

Arthurian Airsoft have just released their first series of rifles, consisting of 5 variations and we’ve been fortunate enough to review not just one, but two of the Excalibur Series.

We’re also giving ONE rifle away, continue reading this review to learn more…

If the name didn’t give enough of an indication – it is indeed a UK brand inspired by the legendary King Arthur. Announced late 2018 with some teasers, the first models are now available in selected stores.

While there are 5 models available, we will primarily focusing on the externals of the Mark18 and Recon.

Internally they all share the same specifications, the only difference will be barrel length, which depends on each model.

Upon opening the box, you will find your rifle of choice, a 300 round magazine and a safety test sheet.

This sheet shows general safety guidelines, instructions on cleaning and loading a magazine along with FPS results. Each rifle is tested before it leaves the factory in China, then once again in the UK by Arthurian Airsoft before being sent to a retailer.

This means, you should feel comfortable that EVERY rifle in the Excalibur Series will be released and sold UK SITE LEGAL, between 340-350 FPS on a 0.2g BB.

Excalibur Series Externals

Starting at the back of the rifle, we have a rubber butt plate moving onto a 6 position crane stock. The plate is locked in by two clips located at the bottom of the stock.

Once removing the stock cover you will find plenty of battery space for a 9.6 Ni-Mh or 7.4v Li-Po battery, you can get your nunchuck style or crane batteries inside without any issues. All these rifles come with a mini tamiya connection by default.

Moving down the buffer tube we have a metal ambidextrous dual loop sling plate, allowing both left and right handed shooters a comfortable way to sling their rifles.

Onto the receiver, which once again is full metal (a theme to all the Excalibur Series) we have a standard M4 receiver with your Safe, Semi and Full Auto functions, standard M4 trigger, a working bolt release catch and the Excalibur trademarks.

On the reverse side is the mag release – this gun doesn’t feature ambidextrous fire selector.

Along the top we have a metal charging handle which works and locks the plate back exposing the Hop Up chamber.

Along the top rail we have a Knights Armament style folding sights, which is adjustable.

Going down the rail we find the quad RIS picatinny rail, allowing for a magnitude of 20mm attachments. This RIS rail fits flush against the upper receiver with no gaps or wobbles.

Finally, at the end we have a 14mm counter-clockwise removal flash hider.

If the recon takes your fancy, it’s identical all the way up to the front rail – where it’s slightly shorter and features a integrated suppressor. 

While the MK18 is visually longer with the flash hider, the inner barrel is actually longer on the Recon since it runs through the suppressor.

Excalibur Series Internals

As previously mentioned, all of the Excalibur Series share the same internals, the only real difference being the barrel length for obvious reasons.

They feature a quick-change spring system (known as E&C), this makes changing springs a very quick and easy process, even for those non-techie players. The only exception to this is Veteran (M16) due to the solid stock.

Opening the receiver reveals

  • A full metal gearbox mounted with 8mm bearings.
  • 15 Steel Tooth Piston
  • Enhanced Tappet & Selector Plate
  • Low resistant wiring
  • Mechanical Trigger (no MOSFET)
  • Standard Motor
  • Metal Hop up Unit
  • Brass 6.03mm Tight bore Barrel

Essentially it’s ready out the box to be taken to the range, there’s nothing fancy beyond good quality parts built with durability and performance in mind. So with that said, let’s get onto shooting the rifles.

Shooting on the Range

I took both rifles out for a skirmish and then shot in my garden, approximately firing through 5000 rounds. During that time the rifles both fired flawlessly on a Ni-Mh and Li-Po.

On average they shot 346 feet per second with the rate of fire sitting consistently at 11 rounds a second. In terms of range, the Excalibur performs concretely hitting accurately out to 150 feet, which was the maximum range I had available on the site.

This range is generally the effective engagement distance most players will experience, and I was pleased with the results.

Check out the video if you want to see it in action (9:41).

Who Should Buy The Excalibur Series?

I see 3 main players who would be a perfect fit for the Excalibur Series/

  1. If you’re looking to upgrade from a polymer rifle, like the G&G Combat Machine, this is a great choice for stepping up.
  2. Perhaps you’re looking for a first gun but wanted full metal and something to last. This is ready to use out the box and built with durability and reliability in mind.
  3. Finally, you want a certain model like the Veteran? You don’t have a lot of good options for M16s, this is where the Arthurian Airsoft range won’t let you down.

Is There Anything to Improve?

Honestly, I think the Excalibur Series is your great mid-level rifle that offers everything you need out the box for a very good price of £250.

While there’s nothing fancy under the receiver, it’s built to work and does exactly what it needs to.

However, there are improvement that could be made, if you were so inclined to in the future. Such as:

  • I would add a MOSFET, this would make the trigger more responsive, and future proof the trigger contacts.
  • Consider switching the motor once it’s worn in. While this one is absolutely fine, if you want a higher Rate of Fire, a higher torque motor would do the job nicely – just remember you’re putting more stress on the gearbox components.

Arthurian Airsoft Conclusion:

This is a great start from Arthurian Airsoft and it’s fantastic to see another UK brand who is focused on quality and consistency for the UK airsoft player base.

These rifles are built with the mid-level player in mind – perfectly priced as that step up for beginners who want to pick a new rifle and use it without any hassle.

The variations released provide ample options to meet specific player’s play style, and I can’t wait to see what future models are released.


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