Action Sports Games Announce the USW – It Looks Awesome!

The worlds largest gun show is under way and there is a lot of buzz around Airsoft Sports Games (ASG) latest airsoft pistol from B&T – the Universal Service Weapon.

The USW, Universal Service Weapon is a uniquely designed pistol released by Swiss-based B&T in 2017.

It’s purpose is to provide first responders and plain clothes officers a small, holstered pistol – with the ability of shooting more at a higher range comfortably, in the event their rifle, or long weapon wasn’t easily accessible. For example:

  • VIP protection/security detail
  • Intelligence services
  • Counter-Intelligence groups
  • Surveillance Teams

The design of the pistol includes a side folding stock and integrates an AimPoint Nano on top slide for quick target acquisition.

What is key though is that while holstered, the USW has footprint only slightly larger than a pistol. It can be removed from holster and fired immediately, or the stock can be folded out for a more stable platform.

Bringing this back to Airsoft; ASG, a brand that heavily focuses on licenced products showed off a really early 3D printed concept piece at IWA 2019.

10 months later, today we finally get to see an update and can confirm a lot more information.


As you would expect from ASG, this is a full 1:1 scale replica of the real USW including licenced trademarks from B&T.

Starting at the back of the pistol, you’ll find the folding/locking stock. This is released by a small click of button at the end of the stock/pistol. Once loose, you swing it around into full length and it will lock into place.

On top is the integrated RMR. For airsoft, ASG don’t appear to be releasing the USW with the Aimpoint Nano, but it will have a mounting plate or rail and we’ve seen various reflex sights mounted on it.

Moving towards the body of the pistol itself, it is mostly metal and has an option of CO2 or Green gas magazines.  It’s very Shadow-esque in design and that will come through on the internals too, something I’m not complaining about.

At the front of the pistol is a picatinny rail underneath, giving you space to attach a laser or torch.

Finally, and there is an option to mount a suppressor, just to finish off the complete build.

I’m loving the appearance with the suppressor!


This is where the announcement stays rather vague right now as the pistol is still in very early stages.

We know its manufactured by KJW, which isn’t unusual for ASG – they’ve worked together well on previous products.

If the past is anything to go by, we can feel confident that ASG will ensure it’s producing a site friendly power limit across most of Europe, regardless of green gas or CO2 magazines.

Beyond that though, the rest of the internals leaves a mystery. [updated 27th Feb] I’ve been informed the pistol is compatible with Shadow SP01/2 magazines, so it’s a good indicator that internally we’re going to look at the same or at least very similar build. NICE!

I do wonder whether we could add an extended barrel, much like the MK23 carbines do within the suppressor. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we find out.


I know the USW is mostly aesthetics over functionality in airsoft, but I can’t help but feel it would go really well with certain load-outs, especially with the uncover, PMC roleplayers.

Depending on performance, this could be a secondary that gets pulled out more frequently than most, especially as you switch from shouldering the stock in CQB, to folding it when things get real close up.

I’m sure the USW is going to have a love it or hate it response in the Airsoft Community, but I’m just glad we see some more B&T products…hopefully there is more to come.

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