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Buying An Airsoft Gun – VCRA Defence

So you want to buy an airsoft gun…it should be as simple as going into your local retailer or ordering online, right? Unfortunately things are a little bit more complicated than that. This guide aims to provide a brief run through of the VCRA, the act which restricts the sale (and more) of airsoft ‘imitation […]

The Site Special – South Coast CQB & Invicta Battlefield

We’re coming to the final of Season 1 of the Live show and this week we have an awesome show of two Site Organisers, Invicta Battlefield‘s Andy Wardley and SouthCoast CQB‘s Gary Byrne. First on the Agenda is the ICAC, Inter County Airsoft Championships – we’re discussing the event results from this weekend and how […]

Milsims with Templar Airsoft & Legion Airsoft Events

Before I played Airsoft, I thought you were all a bunch of Walts really… That’s exactly how we start the show with Templar Mike, an ex-serving soldier turned MilSim Player and events organiser who is joining us this evening for Episode #9 of the Live Show. Today we discuss the first impressions that serving or […]

Gun Teching with Jason Stringer!

Jason Stringer is a Gun Tech in the South East and today I thought I would invite him onto the show to talk all about custom builds, upgrade parts and the most important parts to service on your weekly kit. So on today’s show we answer a lot of YOUR questions that came into Live […]