The Airsoft Redcoats vs Patriots

Episode 7 is finally here and there has been some hype both sides of the Atlantic for this Episode, which I have appropriately dubbed the Redcoats vs the Patriots.

Yes, that’s right, the eagerly anticipated UK vs USA game is finally coming to Dogtag Airsoft in the UK in May this year. I am joined by the mastermind behind this event, Steven Findlay, as we discuss the conception of this unique Airsoft event, what you as a player can expect during the game, as well as what you can expect when you want some time away from the madness of the game back in the camping area.

This weeks Episode is a bit shorter, as Steve shows off his ability to put all of the information you guys require across in a short amount of time.

Tickets are on sale now, get yours today at and join the UKvUSA Facebook Group to join in the fun today. You can also see more on Instagram at @ukvusaairsoft.


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