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AN: Hi Cleanshot, Welcome to AN – please introduce yourself
Cleanshot: Hey Airsoft Nation! My name is Michiel but better know as Cleanshot. I’m the #1 airsoft sniper youtuber in the Netherlands. I’m definitely not the first player in the Netherlands that started airsoft as it is just legal since January 2013! I never knew of airsoft before my Swedish Call of Duty mate told me about it. I quickly rented a rental kit and had the best day of my life. I got hooked and started right away in May 2015. I’m mostly playing at my home site called Balls&Arrows. It’s a  5 minute drive and a fun place to play on.


AN: its great to see how quickly Airsoft has grown in the Netherlands since its legalisation. What does you airsoft kit comprise of?
Cleanshot: When I started airsoft I wanted to be a sniper right away. But after doing lots of research I decided to build my DMR.  I quickly got in high upgraded airsoft guns for getting the extra range and I build my M4 with a SR25 look.  Had lots of fun with it but after 3/4 year I started building my sniper and a few months later Cleanshot born. I wanted to be unique and decided to go full Kryptek Mandrake to stand out. That’s where the snake came from in my logo.


AN: Tell me the best item you’ve bought for less than £100
Cleanshot: In the winter I bought a Cyma G18C electric full auto pistol for €65,00. I’ve had lots of fun playing with it and it served me well until I got my silent Tokyo Marui MK23.


AN: The MK23 comes up on top again, I do love that pistol. From all the sites you have played at, what are you top 3?

  1. Outpost Delta in Gasselte, perfect field for long range and close quarter combat.
  2. Wild Mountain: Outdoor CQB field, with some side woodland. High paced action with good missions
  3. Balls and Arrows: My home field! Really nice field in the summer, in the winter there are too less leaves and its hitting brenches all over the place.

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AN: So – If you could change, create or remove an airsoft rule – what would it be?
Cleanshot: The bang rule. In the Netherlands you have to bang(pang) from 5 meters or less. I had so many discussions in the field and I just want people too shoot me . If it’s a reflex shot and you accidently shoot someone in the face say sorry. Oh, and make a rule everyone wears a lower facemask.


 How about for new Airsoft Snipers – what advice would you offer?

Cleanshot: Go for it! People always say don’t go sniping because you will get disappointed. But shooting someone with 1 small bb over 40m or more gives me so much satisfaction than spray and pray.


Shooting someone with 1 bb over 40m gives me so much satisfaction

AN: That’s definitely the enjoyable part of playing the role of an Airsoft Sniper.

Recently you published a few CQB videos, how was the experience and what would you say is the key differences in play styles?
Cleanshot: To be honest, I love CQB! As a sniper I’m more active and like to surprise the enemy; getting into enemy territory is in my nature. I like the risk vs reward.

You have to think about every step you take instead of hiding for a long time and shooting the target. Both have their charms. But a mix is the best! That’s why I love fields that offer both.


 Talking about your videos – Congratulations reaching 20,000 subs, all in less than a year. What would you say to anyone who wants to try recording and publish game play videos?

Cleanshot: Thank you Graham! First of all you need to enjoy the sport at its fullest.
You will need to learn how to edit proper gameplay videos, YouTube is a quick medium and you need to hook the viewer on your content or they will click away after 30 seconds. If you succeed and entertain the viewer they will subscribe and follow you.

I see many people just dropping camera’s on their guns and head and they seem they have no clue what they are doing.  If you intend on doing YouTube seriously and not just for friends and family make a plan and build on it!


 Thanks for joining us on the Player Spotlight, my final question is about the future for Cleanshot. You just announced you’re going to try doing YouTube full time for 6 months, what is your plan and what can we look forward to?

Cleanshot: I’m  working together with my local sponsor Skirmshop, which is a European retailer offering high quality airsoft products. I’ll be testing different sniper builds, and other gear. I’ll be traveling more around Europe to see how other countries play and what can be improved here in the good old Netherlands.


You can follow me and watch my videos on the links below.


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