• Ben Smith posted an update 1 month ago

    Large bundle of gear available. List in the comments as i dont want this post to be too large. Can send pictures via whatsapp. Willing to fo a good deal if you buy it all!

    • 1 large ak hi cap mag
      3 ak hi cap mags
      1 large hi cap m4 mag
      2 G&G hi cap m4 mag
      2 low cap m4 mag
      Airsoft pro large over barrel silencer with adapters
      2 misc silencers
      Unknown sniper scope
      Unknown scope with laser dot sight
      1/2 can we green gas
      M90 spring
      2 bungee slings 1 point.
      1 ak sling
      1 bungee sling 2 point
      JG ak charging handle
      Ak47su barrell
      Unknown tripod (fits m14)
      Pointy flash hider
      Ergo grip
      3 flip up iron sights
      2 ris rail scope adapters
      Gfc nimh charger
      Pro peak charger
      Rifle/shotgun butt sleeve
      1k 0.25g rocket bbs
      Full bag 10k 0.2g rocket bbs
      3k full bottle .2g blasters
      3 bags of unknown heavyweight sniper bbs.
      Bolle ballistic glasses 2 pair, one shades other clear.
      Mesh goggles
      2 large batteries
      1 nun chucks batteries
      1 Lipo 2200mah 7.4v
      1 stick ak battery
      1 converter cable
      1 small pouch
      1 double mag pouch
      1 large pouch
      1 pistol holster
      2 double pistol mag pouches
      1 set of gfc kneepads
      1 battle belt
      1 drop leg pistol holster
      2 custom ghillies. 1 is a flektarn military coat I custom made into a ghillie and the other is a net based ghillies I then attatched my own things to.
      Think I got a xortech chrono somewhere too that I gotta find.


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