• Simon Carrier posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Looking for a Tokyo Marui SOCOM Mk23… anyone got one for sale?

    • Just a word of warning if you do get one.
      Keep it pointed down when taking mag out.
      I bought a brand new one yesterday and somehow when i took mag out a bb managed to get jammed behind hammer mech in mag well?? How i dont know.long story short ended up breaking casing inside mag well!! Hammer still jammed fully back.
      Its shagged!
      Cant take it back cause i broke it. Bye Bye £120

    • Hi Shamal sorry to hear that buddy that sucks. Where did you get yours from? I’ve been looking at the NoverItch SSX-23 as another option check it out for yourself.

    • Got it from a guy here in portsmouth
      Not a shop but he dabbles in airsoft.
      It was brand new in unopened box.
      Was a really good price as well.
      Not worth so much now though lol.
      I will have a look at that one.
      Good luck with your search


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