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    Hi all, new to this group (and the sport) currently have a standard M4 but would really like an L85a2, can anyone recommend the best one to buy?, open to gas or electric….

    • The ICS L85A2 is widely considered one of the best on the market, however, the L85 platform is known to have a few issues such as locking up when firing on semi automatic.

      The new G&G offering features an ETU which allegedly resolves the lock up issue.

      I personally own the ICS and have be found it to be my gun of choice and consequently I’ve spent a lot of time and money upgrading it.

      Also if you wish to add the RIS system be prepared for the additional cost.

      Finally it’s quite a heavy rifle so I’d recommend a high quality 2 point sling or a genuine 3 point sling.

    • The we l85 gbb is meant to be solid but for the money might as well get a tm or ghk quality wise. Ics js meant to be good but as mentioned all l85’s are commonly having fire selector issues occasionally. If you get one would recommend a legit surplus sa80 sling . Should be like 15 quid and is good enough for the real military.

    • Defo need a sling with an l85 they weigh a tone but I use a genuine British army 1 point sling which attaches direct to d rings on plate carriers I use and osprey mk iv so they were designed to be used together

    • Weight isn’t an issue, i like the real feel

    • I guess the real question is, if it was your money which would you choose?
      Ics electric or we gbb?

    • Personally gbb because for me the more recoil the better, I’ve used the real steel L85a2 and it was an amazing weapon system despite the harsh slatings it used to get, but yes gbb can be pricey to run depends on budget gbb is my personal preference, If on a tight budget go AEG but like mentioned before, get the G&G version if possible, not sure if you can fit the Daniel defence rail system though.

    • I too have used the real one, albeit the l98a1 straight pull version so i do like the realism side but on the other hand the aeg is cheaper to buy and run…..so torn! Aaaaggghhh

    • Hello i have an aeg ics la80a2 for sale of this is any help

    • Thanks for the offer, i did see your ad but I noticed it’s the carbine version and not meaning to sound picky i want the standard one, also you would need to 2 tone it as I don’t yet have ukara membership….

    • no worries kevin many thanks anyways for the reply

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