• Kevin Morris posted an update 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Hello everyone.Im looking to get back into Airsoft after many years away.Can anyone recommend a good starter rifle and pistol?Not looking to spend loads at the moment,just wanting to know what’s good and what to avoid.

    • G&g cm16 raiders are great out of the box and pistol wise anything TM or if you’re looking budget the raven series seem to be good for the money!

    • Hey Kevin 👋

      If you’re happy with an M4 platform (i suggest this as it’s the most adaptable) you can look at the G&G Combat Machine, or Nuprol Pioneer Defender. Both will set you back about £130 and be good to go.

      If you want an AK platform you have the CYMA 028 series. Solid rifles and very reliable.

    • Pistol wise, honestly I wouldn’t bother unless you really want one. With most players running with 300 round magazines, your pistol sees very little action unless you’re playing in CQB or have a minimum engagement distance like snipers.

      However if you want a pistol, from £100-150 there’s absolutely plenty of choice – I myself like Tokyo Marui for it’s reliability all year round.

    • Thanks for the advice folks.I have been looking at the G&G Raider 2.0,but will have a look at the others mentioned.Ive seen a few pistols I like,mainly the Secutor Bellum,and Rufus.Has anyone had any experience with them?

    • G&G wildhog series I have been using this beast for about 2 years along with my krytac it hasn’t let me down yet pre installed with a mosfet and an ETU what more do you need obviously come with the famous g&g green bucking but is a little expensive at around 200-250 depending on length but it is solid

    • The sectors are reletively new on the market and personally I haven’t seen one as of yet, my first pistol was a raven eu17 cheap and cheerful does what it says on the tin I now use a TM hi-capa

    • Secutor*

    • Thanks again folks.Ive come across a G&G TR16 A2 that a local lad is selling reasonably cheap.Its missing a mag and charger though.Its all metal,but the only thing putting me off is the fact you can’t remove the carry handle.

    • Kevin replied 2 weeks ago

      I’ve been using a g&g combat machine m4, reasonably priced and fairly solid and accurate and you can remove the carry handle 😉

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