Do Brands Make Good Players?

Welcome to Airsoft Radio on the 22nd April. It’s an exciting show for me this week as we get to talk over the next hour or so with Stu Harrison aka @beefy_milsim on Instagram and we are going to chat about his journey and opinions.

  • How you go from Serving in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy as a Commando Helicopter Force Engineer to one of the most interesting airsoft teams in the UK?
  • Is it the brand that makes you a good player or is the kit ultimately irrelevant?
  • How do you show people the benefits of a tactical/military style game -play without hitting the “it’s only airsoft” brick wall?


  • Graham from Airsoft Nation (
  • Sarah AKA @Callsign_Tactiquinn
  • Jim AKA (@PlatoonJim)

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