Do GBBRs Work All Year?

There are many players I know who talk about running GBBRs all year around, but I don’t know players who actually do it.

This is why Bada Bing Pictures is joining us tonight, to talk about his wealth of experience with gas blowbacks.

Ultimately, can they be used all year around? Or are you setting yourself up for a disappointing day?

In this episode we discuss the performance, maintenance and of course recommended GBBRs for new players.

Plus, we discuss the latest product ‘innovation’ by NOVRITSCH, the Full Thrust system, which consists of 6.44mm BBs rather than the universal 6mm.

And of course, the #IPLAYWITHTPLUG campaign to switch all connectors to deans/t-plug by the year 2021.


  • Graham from Airsoft Nation
  • Sarah AKA @Callsign_Tactiquinn
  • Jim AKA @PlatoonJim
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