In January, Facebook banned the sale of firearms and this also includes replica imitation. Since then, the algorithm has deleted posts, groups and more recently started handing out 1-30 day user account bans.

Last weekend the UK’s largest FB group (UKAC) was removed and while more groups appeared in it’s place, it splinters the community yet again. How long until retailers, airsoft teams and general photos with RIFs will be affected – this is why Airsoft Nation has been built for the community, a new home which has it’s own platform to stand on.


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  1. Arthur Serra 3 years ago

    It is a rich idea, which I hope will go notorious so that it later becomes « THE » reference for anyone interested in our wonderful sport / game 🙂

  2. Tom Bowyer 3 years ago

    Great idea indeed. I hope this floats!


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