Airsoft is a social thing; it’s what makes the sport so good. We always say that a good airsoft day is 60% social, and 40% airsoft. Think about it – it’s true. The NAE has been running since 2007, when we made history by hosting what was the largest airsoft event ever held in the history of UK airsoft, bringing in players from all over the UK and Europe. It’s now become THE airsoft event of the year, with a great festival vibe. Every year the NAE gets better – more events and extra activities, interesting and in depth game features and most importantly – all of you to make it a fantastic weekend for everyone involved!

Ground Zero is all about giving you a great weekend that you will be talking about for many months, if not years to come. Our focus is on giving you a fantastic all round experience – and that starts in the safe zone with a friendly, clean and fully facilitated event atmosphere, including on-site shops, prizes, on-site bar and airsoft manufacturers from around the world. This spreads onto the ‘battlefield’ where you will be free to choose what you do, where you go to do it, and when. It is our special style of airsoft gameplay that makes people want to come back time and time again.


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  1. paul 2 years ago

    This sounds amazing! When and where is this event next being held?

  2. saper 2 years ago

    Sound interesting..

  3. lancer50 2 years ago

    Is there going to be an event for 2017? And wgere will it be held?

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