With less than 3 months to go, IWA has finally opened up it’s ticket office.

For those who don’t know IWA is one of the world’s leading trade exhibitions of hunting/sporting guns, outdoor and other accessories. Each year more than 40,000 traders turn up from across the world to take part in a 4 day event where exhibitors and visitors discuss the latest developments of the industry.

Expect plenty of coverage on Airsoft Nation in the coming months. We’re planning to release interviews, first impressions and plenty of Live Streams as we attend the event to show you some of the latest products that will hit the shelves through 2018.

While there are more than 1500 expected exhibitions, here are some of the confirmed which I’m really looking forward to cover:

  • Clawgear, l, Kombat UK, Warrior Assault System,Viper Tactical
  • Action Sport Games (ASG), HFC, ICS, Silverback, Umarex,
  • Enola Gaye, Vortex, Redwolf & Valken

If you’re a trader, this is an international event not to be missed. Find out more information HERE

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