King Arms Announces 2 New Pistols – KA-PG-20 & KA-PG-21

Just a week before ShotShow and King Arms are beating everyone to the front of the line by releasing 2 new pistols named KA-PG-20 and KA-PG-21

Green Gas powered, these pistols come in and 2 patterns (20/21) and 4 colours being

  • Black
  • Back & Silver
  • Black & Tan
  • Silver & Tan

Let’s take a look at the build.

The top slide is made of Aluminium and comes with a stylish design which not only looks great; but also provide a vital function by being designed to provide great friction when pulling back the slide. The photo above shows the pistol in an anodised black finish. Along the top we have fixed sights, coloured to make target acquisition fast and effective.

The lower frame is made of polymer, with a built in non-slip ergonomic grip. This keeps the pistol comfortable and lightweight, while still being durable.

You also have the safety lever underneath the barrel, which you engage by sliding the aluminium bar across with either hand.

and of course we have the magazine which holds 24+1 BBs and is powered by Green gas. What’s important to note here is that the King Arms pistols are also compatible with TM Magazines.

Looking internally, we have a one-piece outer barrel, with the inner barrel being 113m and made from brass. For those players wondering, it’s diameter is 6.05mm.

Of course there is an adjustable hop and so far we believe the aftermarket parts are all TM compatible but we can confirm more after the release.

King Arms – KG-PG-20 Black

King Arms – PG-PG-21 Black & Tan

What do you think?
Energy SourceGreen Gas
Overall Length213mm
Overall Height135mm
Inner Barrel Diameter6.05mm
Inner Barrel Length113.4mm
Made FromAluminium Alloy & Polymer
Black & Silver,
Black & Tan,
Silver & Tan
AccessoriesOne Magazine
Standard Muzzle Velocity285-310 FPS

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