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Put it this way... Im not returning

My first airsoft games were at Absolute airsoft, so i didnt know what to expect and what was the “normal” practices at an airsoft site. Its only a few years later after playing at multiple sites that i have realised how bad this site was;

  • At 13! with no adult supervision, marshals allowed me to use my G36c in games as a DMR, it was shooting at 400ish fps, they just said to “keep at a distance of 10ft or more”
  • I purchased 2 guns off of the site and when i bought the guns, they took the battery, chargers and spares out of the box and sold me only the gun
  • I purchased smokes and grenades from the shop at the age of 13 and no questions were asked.
  • Marshals took hot guns out into games and generally pissed around for the majority of games, not taking much notice of the game

Understandably, i expect things might have changed since then, but judging by the extreme amounts of disorganisation i would suggest otherwise.



  • babybill
    No, it has changed, I’m 12 and they have added the fact that under 18 cant buy grenades, Purchased a Valken TRG-L with the help of my dad and it came with everything! While I can go out using the Valken unsupervised I don’t see much of a problem, the Marshalls make sure I use it properly, When I purchased it the store gave me a run down on how it works. The marshalls do mess around, but in a fun way, They like messing around in the safe zone after games, and usually have a laugh with the players if someone did something funny, But during games, many times have I seen cheaters and angry people that make fights happen get thrown off, recently someone almost shot a eye out, but the marshall did throw him out, come again!
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