Bravo 1 Airsoft

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Holloway Head, Birmingham B1 1QP, United Kingdom
240 Holloway Head Birmingham England B1 1UJ GB

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Best CQB Site

I’ved played in a dozen CQB sites over the years but nothing comes close to Bravo1. The site itself has so many activities, on top of Airsoft you’ve got the Rage Room, Heroblast, IPSC and of course – Axe Throwing!

The New Cafe looks ace and the shop was well stocked! Parking is available outside the site entrance and is free on Sunday. Just make sure your kit is packed up appropriately.

Now onto the Airsoft, the games are split over 3 floors giving an entirely new dynamic to any game-day. Winning on one floor? Move up/down to assist another. Perhaps you’re struggling against a player or keep being pinned, move floor again and start fresh!

The objectives varied throughout the day – we did collecting items, holding positions and standard team death match. There’s always differences in game modes and they take into account the number of players. That’s the sign of good marshals who understand the site dynamics and the skill differences between sides. Very nicely done.

It may of been a 3 hour journey, but I’ll be back there again in the Summer.

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