Defiant Milsim Events – Operation: Backlash (24hr)

Defiant Milsim Events are an organisation set up to deliver exciting, innovative and detailed military based scenarios / events or ‘MilSim’ as referred to by airsofters.

“We are an organisation that’ll put on an event you’ll remember without leaving your wallet empty”

Head of marketing, Nathan says ‘The experience is what matters most to us and we can certainly deliver that. We are an organisation that’ll put on an event you’ll remember without leaving your wallet empty and I think that’s really important these days, being a relatively small operation means our overheads are low, so the ticket pricing reflects that’

The Defiant MilSim team initially began by hosting events at their local site. The team have organised and executed six specialist events at that site over the last few years but it soon became time to expand and look to host events at alternative sites as ‘Defiant MilSim in association’ with the hosting site.

James Underwood, the companies Event Coordinator says ‘It was clear that running our events under a separate business entity would be more beneficial. It would allow us to travel around using different Airsoft sites as event locations and eventually open up our market. It was really important that we did this the right way, a lot of work has gone into Defiant behind the scenes. We are in partnership with Allsorts Airsoft who have allowed us to use their Southdown Airsoft site as the home for our first event – Operation: Backlash. I can’t wait to start releasing more details, it’s all very exciting for the both of us.’

The duo host their first event under Defiant in May. Operation: Backlash starts on the 4th May and will run for 24hrs.

Tickets go on sale on the 20th Jan.

You can find out more information by visiting their website and Facebook page or emailing them at

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