Happy Holidays with Red Wolf Tim

The Season 2 Finale of the Live Show is here and we have an amazing guest coming live all the way from Hong Kong at 5am! It’s Red Wolf Tim! Today we take a trip down memory lane and learn all about how Tim got into Airsoft and his journey into Red Wolf TV. If […]

Open Invitation to the UKAPU AGM!

It’s been just over a year since UKAPU’s last AGM and finally we’ve been informed of their next meet up. Ultimately, this is the perfect opportunity to get YOUR VOICE (as a player) heard. UKAPU stands for United Kingdom Airsoft Player Union, a FREE to JOIN, non profit, voluntary¬†association made by players, for players. Their […]

IWA Exhibition Ticket Store Now Open!

With less than 3 months to go, IWA has finally opened up it’s ticket office. For those who don’t know IWA is one of the world’s leading trade exhibitions of hunting/sporting guns, outdoor and other accessories. Each year more than 40,000 traders turn up from across the world to take part in a 4 day […]

Buying An Airsoft Gun – VCRA Defence

So you want to buy an airsoft gun…it should be as simple as going into your local retailer or ordering online, right? Unfortunately things are a little bit more complicated than that. This guide aims to provide a brief run through of the VCRA, the act which restricts the sale (and more) of airsoft ‘imitation […]