The Police & Crime Act with UKAPU

UKAPU and UKARA have lobbied with Home Office to get an airsoft exemption with the Police & Crime Bill for the last 2 years; and now we are just one month from it being enacted. After the 2nd of May the Police & Crime Bill becomes Law and the airsoft industry will need to adapt.

The new law means Airsoft’s exemption has a maximum power limit, this is 1.3J for fully automatic or  a maximum of 2.5J semi automatic. If you’re over the 1.3j limit with an AEG you potentially risk being classed as having a Section 5 Firearm! For 2.5J it comes under an air-weapon with less severe punishments but equally not a good thing to be seen to be firing at people.

There are a lot of grey areas with the testing conditions of the airsoft replicas but unfortunately we are very unlikely to get any clarification with this but this is probably the intention of the law-makers as it gives them an easy method to prosecute the wrong type of people very easily.

Matt Furey-King the Chairman of UKAPU (UK Airsoft Player Union) came to update the Airsoft Nation community with a last attempt to try get some answers from the Government. It’s worth listening if you’re not aware of the changes to the law and perhaps you might want to get involved with lobbying.

If you’re not already a member of UKAPU, join today – it’s free so you have no excuse!




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