Pew Plan Launches: Monthly Airsoft Tech Services

There are many airsoft techs out there, some good, many not – so today we’re looking at a new, different kind of airsoft tech.

Introducing Pew Plan, a monthly airsoft-tech subscription service – something we haven’t seen before in the airsoft world.

For a monthly fee (per rifle), you have a a RIF repair service in which you send your rifle to Pew Plan, who carry out the tech services and send it back alive and ready for the field.

Should the worst case scenario occur, this is essentially your one-stop service to get your rifles back up and running.

How Pew-Plan Works?

The process is pretty simple.

Once your rifle is assigned with Pew-Plan, (and after the minimum registration time) you submit a support ticket on Pew Plan, organise a collection date and wait for the courier to arrive. (note: Courier costs are covered within the membership)

The rifle will then be designated a technician who will review and diagnosis the fault, keeping you updated through via the Support Ticket.

The Silver Plan offers £150 cover per diagnosis (postage, parts and labour) so no unexpected charges! Should the fault be more serious, you’ll be notified of any parts required and the relevant costs.

After that it’s a case of organising the delivery date for you receive the rifle and get back on the field.

Who Is Pew-Plan For?

Every airsoft rifle will experience a fault at some point, whether it’s a user error, wear and tear or unfortunate bad luck.

Having the knowledge, or a airsoft technician to repair your rifle is ultimately one of the biggest deciding factors whether whether Pew-Plan is a service for you.

For players like myself, who don’t have a huge airsoft collection, every rifle counts. You really cannot afford to have one rifle at home in pieces awaiting repairs, having a service like this works.

Pew-Plan also offer custom tech services outside the subscription, whether it’s to service your rifle or perform an upgrade package.

While this service isn’t for everyone, I think the concept is interesting and could really be a strong service for many players in airsoft who don’t want an boneyard of rifles at home.

For more Information, check out Pew-Plan Today

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