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AN: Welcome to Airsoft Nation – Please introduce yourself
Princess: Hi, I’m Sam call-sign Princess, I’ve been playing airsoft now for just over 2 years and still really enjoying it. My local site (which at 40 minutes isn’t exactly local), the Gaol in Rutland Oakham.


AN: What does your favorite kit comprise of?
Princess: My favorite kit has got to be my multicam loadout. I love my Warrior Assault Systems recon plate carrier because its so comfortable and being quite small, I struggle to find kit that adjusts to my tiny shape.


When it comes to weaponry, my primary weapon is the G&G M4 SRXL. I also run a G17 which I love for those tight doorways in CQB.


AN: Can you tell me the best item you’ve bought for under 100?
Princess: The best item I’ve brought for under £100 has to be my TRMR Impact Grenade. It is such a handy piece of kit to have to help push through the stairwells that we Airsofters are so familiar with. A well placed grenade helps most games progress if you have new players that may not be as aggressive in their strategy.


AN: What are the top 3 sites you’ve played at?
Princess: My top 3 sites in reverse order are:


Skirmish Airsofts Wentworth site in Rotherham

The Gaol in Oakham

S.W.A.T Fortress in Liverpool: This was my favorite without a doubt (R.I.P), such a shame its gone because it was awesome.

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AN: If you could change ,create or remove an airsoft rule what would it be?
Princess: Riots shields should be banned and are not cool…. sorry! 😀


AN: How did you get into airsoft and what would you say to other girls/women who are interested but haven’t attended a game?
Princess: I was encouraged to attend a game by my boyfriend, I went, loved it and I’ve never looked back. Any girls thinking about doing it should definitely give it a try! It’s a great way to make friends, get the adrenaline rushing and you’ve probably been taken there by your boyfriend — worse case scenario, you don’t enjoy it and you get to shoot him!


AN: Since you started playing airsoft how would you say you’ve been accepted, have you noticed any changes in attitudes over the time?
Princess: I’m happy to say I feel I’ve been accepted just fine. I have only gained great friends from playing airsoft, every now and then I get called out but so does any guy probably. I wouldn’t say I’m treated differently, I would say however most guys don’t expect me to be so aggressive as I am. Haha, they just compliment me after a game which is great!


I have only gained great friends from playing airsoft


AN: What would you say needs to be improved by the industry for other women Airsofters?
Princess: Number 1 for me is definitely kit! There is very limited kit for ladies. I have had to sew my top myself and my trousers are Ma-hoooosive. If there are any airsoft retailers reading this, please please please can we have lady airsoft clothes.


It definitely seems to be the #1 issue that has been raised so far for women airsoft players. Hopefully it gets addressed sooner rather than later. Anyway, Thank you so much for featuring on this week’s spotlight. Where can players find more about you and the rest of the team?

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Thanks Graham.

You can follow me on instagram https://www.instagram.com/airsoftaddict.princess/?hl=en

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpmIK4WJ9FsF-XCw6nXXXEw


Hopefully I’ll see you on the battlefield, until then please watch Princess and her teammate defend a part of The Stan. Enjoy! 

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