What Sniper Rifle?


Hey guys!

I live in Brazil and here don’t have a Lot of choise to buy an Airsoft gun.

But i want a sniper rifle and i saw the rifles:

1- Well MB02 – short barrel, VSR10
2- Well MB03 – long barrel, VSR10
3- Well MB07 – same that MB03 (little diference to MB03)
4- APS M40 – modelo APS2
5- classic army M24 (i don’t know much, but is VSR10)
6- Evo L96 – mauser

What rifle chose? Whats is better and why?

Remember, i dont want to do upgrade (a less to broken some parts)

PS, Sorry for muito english =)

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Hey there

First of all how much money are you prepared to invest into your gun? As all of those rifles have different prices

I would also recommend you get a feel for the guns to see which one you personally like best. As far as which one is best they all have the ability to hit long range shots but some have better build quality than others, so it’s really all about which one personally works the best for you.

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