Milsims with Random Trashy

Welcome to Airsoft Nation Live, a weekly live stream where we interview special guests from across the airsoft community and ask them YOUR questions.

On our first ever episode we feature Random Trashy, an Airsoft Youtuber with a focus on milsims and gear reviews. During the show discuss his journey into airsoft, his tips are for starting milsims and all about his YouTube channel.

If you’re interested in attending a milsim then this is a not-to-be-missed episode. Throughout the show we discuss what is classed as a milsim, (in our opinion) and whether they’re for everyone. On top of that we look at the risks of turning up ill prepared and jumping too far into the deep end.

In addition to that we look at other airsoft news happening this week:

  • Kit shaming and bullying in Airsoft – specifically the player who was ridiculed online for using a bicycle helmet in airsoft.
  • Does Sex Sell In Airsoft? It’s been on the rise with airsoft marketing, especially at events but does it really convince you to buy military kit in this male dominated hobby?
  • The HPA EVO from ASG has been delayed due to the PCA. Will we miss out on future products?
  • Bodgeups Turns Off His Camera – UK Airsoft Youtube stops focusing on YouTube as he reaches 100k subscrubers. Does recording ruin your airsoft experience?
  • 7th Player Choice Awards: We reveal and discuss the results.

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