Stealth & Sniping with Kicking Mustang

Welcome back to Airsoft Nation Live, a weekly live stream where we interview special guests from across the airsoft community and ask them YOUR questions.

Today we have a master of camouflage and concealment joining us. His last YouTube video went ‘airsoft viral’ after nearly being stepped on before wiping out an entire squad. His name is Kicking Mustang and he runs the Sniper Ops Group.

James has been a big influence on my play style over the year, converting me from a traditional hessian ghillie to a leaf suit, so I figure why not get him on the show to talk all about his craft.

On the show we discuss Ghillie vs Leaf Suits, his love for pheasant feathers and tips for concealment and stalking as an Airsoft Sniper.

He explains the Sniper Ops Events, a game where 4 teams of 2 sniper operatives hunt each other while attempting to navigate a site and complete their objectives. It’s a low ammunition event and there’s one solo counter-hunter who’s job is to disrupt and pick off the teams.

Finally we touch on the MK23, favourably mentioned as James’ Primary weapon and his first recommendation for anyone who wishes to get into ‘sniping’

Apologies for the audio tweaks and volume differences during this episode, we were having technical difficulties with the microphones during the live stream.

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