Episode #3 of Airsoft Nation Live is here. The Live Show is a weekly broadcast where we interview special guests from across the airsoft community and ask them YOUR questions.

This is probably the most excitable Airsoft YouTuber we know. Some say he only has one set of clothes, and that it is a matching-set of CRYE BDUs. Of course it’s the one and only Hype Airsoft aka Will Greenwood!

Afraid of getting his kit dirty, Will is an Airsoft YouTuber who primarily focuses on CQB – Close Quarter Battles. You’ll usually find him roaming between Strikeforce CQB and Bravo1, walking around with a C-Clamp (Chris Costa fanboy!)

On a serious note; in this episode we try to learn the tips and tricks from Will with his wealth of CQB experience. How-to gain the advantage and beat an opponent on the corners. Is it more effective if you have an aggressive play style in CQB? Will gives us his opinions on on the topic and discusses what works for him.

In addition to that, we look at the upcoming releases from IWA2017, the Outdoor Classics Trade Show. Some of the exciting stuff coming out include the new TM416, Classic Army Minigun and G&G night vision.

Towards the end of the show we go through the Player Q&A, his favourite replica, thoughts on kit shaming and what he wears on game days. We round out the conversation with a list of his events for the year, including the Okto8 Milsims which I’ll also be attending.

Enjoy the Show!



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Graham Hoffman

Airsoft enthusiast since 2006, Graham is the founder and primary contributor towards Airsoft Nation.Every day is different and the role varies from developer to writer, graphics artist and videographer. If it can help improve Airsoft Nation, it will be done.The goal of Airsoft Nation is simple. Unite the community, strengthen the industry and provide a resource hub for airsofters.

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