Kelly aka Femme Fatale features on Episode #4 of Airsoft Nation Live; a weekly broadcast where we interview special guests from across the airsoft community and ask them YOUR questions.

Everyone can recognise that airsoft is a male dominated game but we are seeing more women getting involved and today we discuss Kelly’s experience of playing Airsoft through the eyes of a woman. 

Shortly after starting to play Airsoft in 2014, Kelly started up her blog Femme Fatale Airsoft. It’s a place where airsofters, outdoor and firearms enthusiasts can find reviews on everything from airsoft replicas and accessories to tactical kit!

In addition to writing on her blog she also began writing as a Journalist for Airsoft Action and PMCI. Her articles expanded from kit reviews to how-to guides, site visits and YouTube game videos. In 2017 Kelly went full-time with FFA.

During the show, we discuss the rise of female players and how airsoft has come along way with it’s acceptance (rightly so!) over the years. We also hear about some of the issues that women still experience in airsoft, ranging from player attitudes on the field to  kit that never fits correctly.

Along with that we ask about her favourite products coming out of IWA2017 and learn about out the how many airsoft traders are still using sex to market military kit.

Finally we finish off the show discussing what Kelly has planned for the future, a trip to the US to see Jet & Leah and experience a MilSim West Event.

If you’re interested in reading more about Kelly and Femme Fatale, please visit her site. I’d like to specifically point out a great article called the Rise of Women in Airsoft, it’s a perfect way to compliment this episode of the Live Show.

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Graham Hoffman

Airsoft enthusiast since 2006, Graham is the founder and primary contributor towards Airsoft Nation. Every day is different and the role varies from developer to writer, graphics artist and videographer. If it can help improve Airsoft Nation, it will be done. The goal of Airsoft Nation is simple. Unite the community, strengthen the industry and provide a resource hub for airsofters.

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