3D Printing with Double Tap Designs

Today we have something different on the Live Show. Have you ever wanted something specific in Airsoft but no manufacturer has designed it? Perhaps 3D printing is the answer for you.

Sebastian Dick, co-owner of Double Tap Designs is joining us on Episode 5 to explain the process of 3D printing, the current possibilities and his thoughts on the future of 3D printing within Airsoft.

DTD are most commonly known for their MK23 Retention Holster, a flagship product and arguably the best holster available on the market for the MK23. This holster makes the MK23 easier to draw, while enabling the user to keep the silencer and LAM units attached while holstered.

If you’re into 3D printing this is an episode that is essential to watch, as Sebastian gets into deep conversations regarding design concepts, print complications and the best filaments that can be used for airsoft printing.

He also reveals some of the upcoming products that DTD are working on, for example the Shotgun M4 Adapter, High Cap VSR Magazine and of course more MK23 features such as the front rail, custom body and scope mount.

3D printing definitely has an interesting time ahead, one of my queries are whether Copyright Infringement could become an issue within the Airsoft Industry. It will be interesting to see what safeguards are in place from 3D Printing Companies to avoid the future claims.

Ultimately, while the technology isn’t set-and-forget yet; I’m confident this disruptive technology has a lot of opportunities in Airsoft.

Take a look at Double Tap Design’s website if you’re interested in more information regarding 3D Printing.

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