Running A Retail Store with Bespoke Airsoft

James started as a gun tech who tweaked his own airsoft armoury and became recognised on sites before working in the industry and then eventually starting his own store.

That’s where we start with Episode #6 – James Parker, the owner of Bespoke Airsoft tells us his story of starting a Retail Store and all the highs and lows that goes with it.

Bespoke airsoft are specialist suppliers of standard and bespoke airsoft products based in Cannock, just north of Birmingham.

I first noticed James from his passion for custom builds and through his weekly vlogs on YouTube. James stands out from other retailers because he’s so open with the way he runs the business and the current situation with the orders.

Not long after the Ares Striker was released Bespoke Airsoft saw the potential and started making with custom parts. To this day they’re the leading parts creator for the Ares Striker, proving it is capable of incredible results with a significantly cheaper price tag to its counter-parts.

Throughout the conversation we look into what makes a good retailer, how easy it is to get started and some of the aspects that are normally overlooked.

As Carlo was also on holiday we had a special stand-in, his twin from another mother – Antt Harrison who helped keep on top of the Q&A throughout the show. Thanks Antt!

You can check out Bespoke Airsoft on their website, don’t forget to watch James’ Vlogs on YouTube.

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