This week we’re featuring Dan from a blog about all this airsoft sniper rifle related, including sniper rifle reviews and sniper rifle builds.

This is the Airsoft Nation Live Show, where we bring a special guest each week into a live broadcast and answer YOUR questions.

Today on the show we discuss SM favourite airsoft rifles, his recommended sniper rifles for a new players and the best upgrades to start out with.

Hot off the press we quiz Dan on the Ares Striker platform after Elite Force Airsoft released a public safety announcement about the slam firing fault.

Finally we discuss Joule Creep, is it a fair advantage? Should it be allowed on Sniper Rifles or is it just a power loophole?



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Graham Hoffman

Airsoft enthusiast since 2006, Graham is the founder and primary contributor towards Airsoft Nation.Every day is different and the role varies from developer to writer, graphics artist and videographer. If it can help improve Airsoft Nation, it will be done.The goal of Airsoft Nation is simple. Unite the community, strengthen the industry and provide a resource hub for airsofters.

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