Milsims with Templar Airsoft & Legion Airsoft Events

Before I played Airsoft, I thought you were all a bunch of Walts really…

That’s exactly how we start the show with Templar Mike, an ex-serving soldier turned MilSim Player and events organiser who is joining us this evening for Episode #9 of the Live Show.

Today we discuss the first impressions that serving or ex-serving members see of Airsofters; how some players pretend to be in the military after the games and his thoughts on wearing rank badges on your kit.

From that we switch the conversations into more Airsoft specific topics focused –  Skirmishing vs MilSims and Mike’s thoughts on the different styles of gameplay. Taking it back to basics and playing with friends without any of the online politics.

After that we take a look and discuss Mike’s website, – his online knowledge base and blog for all things airsoft. Mike has also been heavily focusing some of his latest content on YouTube after getting into the world of video editing.

Then we get into the meat of the topics, Mike’s milsim preparation, he did a fantastic video about planning and kit preparation. From then we discuss the drills, tactics and training that you could apply to airsoft to make MilSims more serious and your squad more efficient.

We finish off with Mike talking about his own upcoming MilSim events, with their first event just around the corner at Rype Village. Visit Legion Airsoft Events if you want to get involved with BattleSims and immersive MilSims.

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