The Season 2 Finale of the Live Show is here and we have an amazing guest coming live all the way from Hong Kong at 5am! It’s Red Wolf Tim!

Today we take a trip down memory lane and learn all about how Tim got into Airsoft and his journey into Red Wolf TV. If you’re not a subscriber to RWTV definitely drop them a follow as it’s probably the most polished Airsoft Channel on YouTube.

We discuss how Tim got the job at Red Wolf working alongside Taz and that transition from co-host to producer of the Airsoft Show over the last decade. In that decade the cast has changed, production value has gone up massively and Tim has been a huge driving factor behind it.

As we go through his years we touch on the #BringTimback campaign as Tim also took a 10 month break of Red Wolf and focused on his acting career. He returned this year to the joys and celebrations of his fans but it clearly sparks a talking point about his future on the show and his plans going into 2018.

A huge thanks to Tim for coming onto the Live Show! I hope you all have a Great Christmas!

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Graham Hoffman

Airsoft enthusiast since 2006, Graham is the founder and primary contributor towards Airsoft Nation.Every day is different and the role varies from developer to writer, graphics artist and videographer. If it can help improve Airsoft Nation, it will be done.The goal of Airsoft Nation is simple. Unite the community, strengthen the industry and provide a resource hub for airsofters.

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