Happy Holidays with Red Wolf Tim

The Season 2 Finale of the Live Show is here and we have an amazing guest coming live all the way from Hong Kong at 5am! It’s Red Wolf Tim!

Today we take a trip down memory lane and learn all about how Tim got into Airsoft and his journey into Red Wolf TV. If you’re not a subscriber to RWTV definitely drop them a follow as it’s probably the most polished Airsoft Channel on YouTube.

We discuss how Tim got the job at Red Wolf working alongside Taz and that transition from co-host to producer of the Airsoft Show over the last decade. In that decade the cast has changed, production value has gone up massively and Tim has been a huge driving factor behind it.

As we go through his years we touch on the #BringTimback campaign as Tim also took a 10 month break of Red Wolf and focused on his acting career. He returned this year to the joys and celebrations of his fans but it clearly sparks a talking point about his future on the show and his plans going into 2018.

A huge thanks to Tim for coming onto the Live Show! I hope you all have a Great Christmas!

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