Should You Practice Airsoft Between Games?

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Airsoft Radio it’s the 29th of April. I’m your host Graham from Airsoft Nation, and with me as usual are my awesome co-hosts, we have Sarah AKA Callsign_Tactiquinn and of course Jim aka PlatoonJim.

If it’s your first time watching us, this is a weekly collaboration show where we talk about all things airsoft, bring on special guests and discuss the most recent Airsoft News.

It’s an exciting show for us this week as we get to talk over the next hour or so with Ben Webb from ASG and we are going to chat about his journey and opinions going from media world to Airsoft Brand, Manufacturer. Specifically we discuss: –

  • Doing “other types of airsoft” like target shooting
  • “Practicing airsoft” and is it worth it?
  • Getting new people into airsoft
  • New airsoft products and new technology


  • Graham from Airsoft Nation (
  • Sarah AKA @Callsign_Tactiquinn
  • Jim AKA (@PlatoonJim)

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