SkirmShop Reaches The UK

January 18th 2018, Working in partnership, SniperMechanic and SkirmShop NL have come together to bring the already well established SkirmShop brand to the UK. Offering UK and European customers a one stop shop for various upgrade parts and rifles. Alongside being able to provide pre upgraded rifles and custom builds.

Skirmshop UK wants to bring a great service along with great brands. We want to be able to help all our customers with their desired builds and having SniperMechanic on board means we can offer advice and custom services to those who want it. With SkirmShop having been around for a few years now, we have built good relationships up with suppliers/manufacturers and even local airsoft teams, having this support and network allows us to really be part of the community and listen to the needs and wants of our customers.

The webstore will be accepting new orders and requests from the 19th January. Head along to or Like our Page on Facebook.

About SkirmShop:

SkirmShop NL is a family owned business run by brothers Barry and Wesley. The company started a few years ago just selling Lonex parts and now stocks most well known brands. SkirmShop NL had wanted to expand for a while, specifically to the UK where airsoft was a much larger market. Having been watching the market and how well the community has been developing with key influencers, a chance meeting came about with Daniel Jones (SniperMechanic) and with some other circumstances coming into play an opportunity presented itself and after many conversations and a few trips, Skirmshop UK was hatched.

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