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AN: Hi Anthony, Welcome to AN – please introduce yourself 
Snake: Hi! First of all, thanks for featuring me this week. I’m Anthony Willems, but in the world of Airsoft people know me as Snake The Sniper and I’m located in Belgium.


I have been playing airsoft for around 8.5 years now and I hope to never stop playing. I must warn you guys, I am a hardcore Airsoft sniper. Having not touched a AEG for years because I’m in a relationship with Amy; my fully customised Sniper Rifle.


 Amy, very nice! So, what exactly does your kit comprise of?

Snake: Well my kit isn’t very complicated, I have a fully customised, modded and upgraded TM VSR-10 for almost about 5 years.


For a sidearm I just LOVE my MK23, having used it for over 6 years now this thing keeps on surprising me every damn time!


You should know the most important part of my loadout is – camouflage! I have different ghillie suit builds for different kind of sites/seasons. Because of the ghillie suit and my love for simplicity in the field i use a Tasmanian Tiger Battle belt with suspender; the rig has a few mag pouches, a dump pouch and my holster. That’s basicly it!



AN: Simple but effective, so bringing up sites – what are you top 3?

Snake: Well after all these years I have played a lot of sites. Unfortunately some have closed down which is such a pity because many were awesome! Right now, my favorite sites are:

-Citadel Givet for Urban sniping as you can see in the background of the picture!

-Breakingpoint II is my all time favorite because this is just sniper’s heaven!

-Lastly i am thinking between The Valley (woodland) which i haven’t been for years; and The Chambers (urban/woodland mix)



AN: I’ve followed you for a while now and have some awesome photos – what tips would you give to someone who wants to take up the sniping role?

Snake: Well when I started, I learned a heck of a lot from the 6MM Hunters. These guys have been playing for a really long time. It’s all about working on fieldcraft, stealth, camouflage, how you move and observe your surroundings.


From the start someone taught me, it’s not about how many kills you have; but trying not to get hit and make a difference for your team! Although I can get ridiculously high scores with few deaths ,I always try to survive and stay unseen!


It’s not about how many kills you have; It’s about not being seen or hit while still making a difference to your team.

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AN: How do you keep your noise to a minimum and disguise yourself effectively?

Snake: I always try to step in a certain way, I walk more sideways and crossing my legs while still looking in front and bending over a bit. The trick while walking is to step carefully with the side of my feet from heel to toe (I learned this method from ninjitsu techniques)


Disguising start with the right preparation and using the surroundings to your advantage, many snipers go lay on a high point with almost no cover, I rather go stand there with a neon warning sign above my head 🙂


I try to use unexpected angles or go deep within the enemy lines -shooting when they think they are safe!



AN: How about working on your camouflage in game? You’ve played in both urban and rural suits before.

Snake: Indeed I camouflage on every way I can,

-In woodland/field games I use my ghillie suit but I can spend up to an hour adding vegetation so it’s effective enough to use.

-For the Urban field i’m using an old 80’s Tarp from the army which I attach to my back although I don’t use it every game. If my plan is to be more mobile, I use the advantage of the shadows and spots people don’t think about.


AN: What are your thoughts regarding a traditional ghilli vs leaf suit?

Snake: Well, I have been LOVING my ghillies for years, but right now I got inspired by another airsoft sniper which i just adore to watch! James Bailey aka “Kicking Mustang” and because of him I started to build a leafsuit myself.


This doesn’t mean i’m going to stop using ghilli suits; but on many terrains I will have more benefit with the leafsuit at certain sites.



AN: Finally, as more of a photographic airsoft sniper, what’s next for Snake The Sniper?

Snake: Indeed, I just like cool photo’s! But some scopecam footage will be coming soon! I’ll also being doing some  review videos and tutorial videos in the near future.


Make sure you keep an eye on my page and updates will place on there, all the information can be found here – https://www.facebook.com/SnakeTheSniper


AN: Thank you so much for this interview Snake and I can’t wait to see more from you in 2017. 



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