Storm 360 Grenade Review

I’m a huge fan of BB Airsoft Grenades and over the years have collected most of them. While at IWA I saw the Storm 360 in the ASG booth and I was immediately interested. While it looked bulky it comfortable in my hand, and importantly it felt durable. 6 months later, I finally got myself a Storm 360 and this is my review.

BB grenades might not have the guaranteed room clearance like Blank-Firing grenades, but it’s way more rewarding hearing 100+ BBs fly around claiming HITs when you toss one in.

For countries that don’t allow blanks, or players who are under 18 it’s a great alternative, and personally a lot more satisfying.

As it’s name suggests, the ASG Storm 360 Impact Grenade; hits the ground, exploding into a spinning frenzy while launching 165 BBs in a full 360 degrees.

Let’s look at what’s in the box.

Unboxing The Storm 360 Airsoft Grenade

Every Storm 360 Airsoft Grenade comes in a cardboard box, along with instructions, metal spoon and of course the grenade.

I have the NEON GREEN model, but it’s also available in Olive Drab Green, Black, Urban Grey and Danger Red. 

With a ~£50 price tag, I’d advise buying a bright colour to avoid losing this after thrown.

Top Tip: Also, stick your initials underneath to help any marshals find you, should they come across it on site. 

  • Externally the grenade is made of a nylon/polymer outer body.
  • On the top you’ll locate the armed-button, Spoon holes and gas fill valve
  • Along the side you’ll have a single BB ejection port

Internally, these have extremely basic and reliable mechanisms. On the outside is a 2 piece shell, that contains a  single spiralled channel for the BBs running down to the bottom.

At the bottom is a vent leading to the inside core of the grenade. This is where the gas escapes, launching BBs up and out the spiral.

Inside the core is a gas chamber, a large ball bearing and a rubber grommet. When you fill the grenade up with gas, it closes the ball bearing on the grommet and creates a seal. Upon Impact, the ball bearing is knocked out of position leaving a hole for the gas to escape. 

Even though you know how it this airsoft grenade works, it is sold as a sealed unit, so there is nothing you can do if anything went wrong.

But with such a simple design – there isn’t a lot of failure points.

Loading & Using the ASG Storm 360

  1. Firstly, push the middle Armed-Button down, using the spoon
  2. Now, insert the spoon through the 2 holes and twist side sideways to lock. This is now ‘safe’.
  3. Using Green Gas – fill the top fill valve, you will notice the noise dampens upon full – but it only takes 3-5 seconds.
  4. Once gassed up, use a speed loader to fill the ejection port. The grenade holds a maximum of 165 BBs. 

To use the grenade, simply pull the spoon out. This will release the Armed-Button and it will extrude from the top (this is perfectly normal)

Now you can throw the grenade, under-arm onto a hard surface, be aware it will detonate immediately upon impact.

Re-Arming the Storm 360

To rearm the grenade follow the same process from the start, push down the armed button, insert the spoon, re-gas, insert BBs and go again.

It’s one of the fastest reloading BB Grenades available.

Storm 360 Maintenance

As a sealed unit, there isn’t a lot of maintenance required. Put a small amount of silicon oil down the armed button, this can then soak into the grommets internally.

Results of the ASG Storm 360 

Having thrown the grenade more than 20 times across different site environments I’m confident in saying there is a good 10m spread on a full 360 degree spin.

My best results were when the grenade went off on it’s side, as this allowed the grenade to spin around the most. Take a look…

Sometimes a second knock or bounce was required to eject more BBs, I’m presuming the ball-bearing fell back onto the o-ring and stopping gas ejection. This meant that on occasion the grenade would still contain some BBs after use.

For a more effective spin, loading up around 100-120 BBs per use gave more gas efficiency, using all the BBs and still covering the same amount of spread.

In regards to drop-tests, the grenade goes off fairly easy at a small distance (50-60cm). I’ve had it set off from the thigh provided it’s landing on a hard enough surface. 

Talking surfaces, soft surfaces can cause lacking results, this is due to the gas not being able to propel the grenade around with enough force.

Remember, the spin and bounce is required to get the full potential and coverage from the Storm 360 Grenade.

Positives of the ASG Storm 360:

Here are my positive points from the ASG Storm 360 Review:

  • It’s a cost effective solution vs one-type bb pea grenades.
  • Simple to use and fast to reload. comparatively to other BB grenades.
  • Results wise – it’s giving a good, full spread – provided it hits a hard surface.
  • You can buy replacement spoons should you lose one
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • As a sealed unit, ASG have confirmed additional support should players experience issues, however do speak to your local retailer first. 

Negatives of the ASG Storm 360:

Every product has a negative, some universal, others by design. Here are my cons on the ASG Storm 360:

  • The main talking point about any polymer grenade is the build quality. Throwing a polymer grenade against a concrete wall will eventually damage the grenade. So it’s life span is definitely shorter than having something made of aluminium.
  • Due to the fact the unit is sealed, if the internal grommet splits, the grenade is rendered useless. You’d have to contact your retailer/ASG or risk hoping the sealed unit.
  • By design, the grenade cannot be made ‘safe’ once the spoon has been removed. So if the game finishes, you would have to throw the grenade to empty it and make it safe.
  • Pouches and Holsters…argh! This grenade is bulky – It can fit in MOST grenade pouches, but it is definitely a squeeze and therefore not quick to draw out. Alternatively use small utility pouches or dump pouch for fast draws.
  • Finally, like most other BB grenades – your results will vary based upon impact, and  – well – chance. If the grenade cannot spin around it will either stop firing or set all the BBs off in one direction. It’s not something that I experienced often, but I wouldn’t be relying on this outside on the grass.

Final Thoughts on the Storm 360:

Overall, this is still one of my preferred CQB grenades due to how reliable and easy it is. While these types of grenades will always have varying results, I’m confident it’s going to go off every time.

Yes the external build quality is great, but if I was using it every weekend I’d be a little concerned of it’s long term lifespan – that said, I cannot deny it’s current effectiveness and durability (just scrapes and scratches).

Due to the size I keep it in my dump pouch, which in CQB is fine, however for woodland games I run into issues as I’m wearing just a chest rig. On my Viper Spec-Ops Chest Rig it doesn’t fit into any pouches, so I’m using my trouser pockets, it’s less than ideal but it works for now.

Finally, I am worried about what happens if the grommet internally splits, but at this point I would have to contact my retailer or ASG – and so far (fingers crossed), it’s not been an issue – let’s just hope it stays that way.

Editor Update 10/1/2019:

Elements, a 3D Printing company in France do make Holsters for the Storm 360 as shown above. You can find them at ElementsFrance.FR

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