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AN: Hi Joe, Welcome to AN – please introduce yourself and the rest of the team

Joe: Well, I’m Joe – Founder of Team B.E.A.R.D and I’ve been playing around 4 and a half years now.


I play mostly at my Local site RAW WAR, but do venture outside the fence when I get the opportunity. There are 8 active players in the team at the team at the moment all comprising of local guys (and girl). Although we do have a few more that are M.I.A.


AN: RAW is a nice looking site! How about your kit? What do you generally run with?

Joe: My favourite kit has to be my custom G&P L119a1 build, all built myself, the infamous TM MK23 SOCOM and my newly aquired KJW Glock G27. Loadout wise I pretty much just throw random bits together as you’ll see on I.G, I like the PMC look.


AN: Definitely a cool look and easy to pull off! What’s the best item across the team you think you’ve purchased for under £100?

Joe: Our team banner (which will be revealed soon) just because it’s bloody awesome.


AN: Haha, so talking about the team – how did you get started?

Joe: In all honesty, we all Skirmish together and looked at a lot of the other teams in matching kit and fancy load-outs. We decided to be the complete opposite, we are all mismatched and other than matching patches you’d never know we were a team.


But most of all we just wanted a really cool patch. We’ve only recently started to get more serious about it and have just gained our first sponsor in our local airsoft shop D.T.W airsoft.


AN: That’s really cool – So where can we find you playing?


RAW WAR in Essex

Formula 5 airsoft in Bergholt

The Gaol in Oakham (when we can all make the trip)

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AN:  So, let’s talk Speedball! Something not overly big in the UK but you are currently competing in the Formula5 league. How’s the tournament going and what’s your feedback on speedball?

Joe: The tournament is going great! We are currently 3rd in the running but are absolutely focused on taking 1st place by the years end.

It’s different, a lot faster paced and gets the adrenaline going! We still have some bits to iron out in the rules and gameplay but it has gone better than anyone expected. It really is worth giving a go, even just once. Like they say, don’t judge it without trying.


AN: Absolutely, now given the faster pace of Speedball than traditional skirmishing – what tips would you give to someone who was going to play their first speedball game?

Joe: Don’t wear any of your fancy kit because you’ll be at a huge disadvantage. All our team go in basic clothes shirt/hoods and jeans/trousers, equipped with a single RIF and a single high cap mag.


It is all very much about speed, accuracy and having a plan


AN: How about from a team angle? We all know milsim teams are about slow deployment, communication and striking with accurate efficiency, how does a team work together in Speedball?

Joe: Communication is paramount! If you don’t have a hoarse throat by the end of the day you’ve not been communicating enough. It’s all about knowing where everyone is on the field, your team, the opposition and who has control of the objective.

We have some tactics that we have come up with already that have been working superbly so far and gained us a 1st place trophy at the last event. It is all very much about speed, accuracy and having a plan.


AN: Well that’s really cool and I’ll have to keep an eye out for some more Speedball events. Good luck with the rest of the tournament, what’s next for the team after this? 

Joe: We have a private game coming up in association with DTW airsoft at Raw War in the beginning of May and also another trip to The Gaol is currently in the pipeline.

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  1. mlasimon 2 years ago

    Great work Team B.E.A.R.D


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