The IWA 2019 Roundup

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Airsoft Radio on the 25th March. If you’re new here, you’ll notice this is a different name…that’s right over the last few months we’ve been working together and a new show was born!

Today we launch Airsoft Radio, a weekly collaboration show where we talk about all things airsoft. Each week there will be a clash of topics, opinions and definitely personalities – but that’s the fun of 4 Airsofters on a talk show.

This week we’re reviewing IWA2019 with PhoenixFeatherAirsoft and discussing the recent news from Norway…Is Airsoft Organised Littering? The WWF believe so!


  • Graham from AirsoftNation (
  • Sarah AKA @Callsign_Tactiquinn
  • Jim AKA (@PlatoonJim)

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