What is Wrong with the UK Milsim Community?

It’s the 13th May, welcome to Airsoft Radio , a weekly collaboration show where we talk about all things airsoft. Each week there will be a clash of topics, opinions and definitely personalities – but that’s the fun of 4 Airsofters on a talk show.

Today on the show we are going talk about Milsims – specifically, why do so many milsims take a turn for the worse? Are the organisers operating out their depth? Or are the players just incapable of reading the rules?

Since Sarah was away for the week, it made perfect sense to bring on the duo Tim & Ritchie from The Heresy Group!


  • Graham from Airsoft Nation (@AirsoftNation.uk)
  • Sarah AKA @Callsign_Tactiquinn
  • Jim AKA (@PlatoonJim)

Watch The Ultimate Guide to Milsims

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